Here you can order items that will be given to your dancers upon their arrival to Camp Rince Nua!

We will post new merchandise as camp approaches

All campers will receive a camp shirt upon arrival to camp!


If any items are out of stock please send us an email and we will try to fill your order

Private Lessons are now available every day at Camp Rince Nua Please Click Here


Camp Rince Nua Bus Ticket:

Dancers can purchase a round-trip ticket for $85.00 or a one-way ticket for $65.00. This includes the PayPal fees, registration and payments must be done online.

The bus will depart from 580 N.Maple Ave. Ridgewood NJ at approximately 1:00pm on Sunday, August 11th.  

Friday, August 16th the bus will depart from Camp Rince Nua at approximately 1:30 pm and arrive back to Ridgewood at between 4:00-4:30 pm

 *Note- Bus times are an estimate based on 2018. They will be confirmed in July 2019


Bus Tickets


To make payments via the Customer Portal, Click Here

For more information on Camp Rince Nua Contact Ashling 551.206.2595 or email us

Home Base: 580 N. Maple Ave Ridgewood NJ 07450