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Camp Rince Nua strives to present the vibrant Irish Culture in a Progressive environment. We believe atmosphere is everything. Throughout our lives, we return to joyful and positive experiences. Our goal is to five each student a beautiful cultural experience and life- long love of Irish Dance while building confidence and friendships that last a lifetime.

      We bring together a team of creative, professional professions with the ability to work with youth. Our team of educators, artists, dancers, nurses, parents and coaches collectively and individually set the bar Camp Rince Nua. 

Susan Daly Stanek, Founder, TCRG, ADCRG 1965 - 2021

Born in Dublin, where she began dancing at the age of 3. Susan enjoyed a flourishing dance career and traveled the world as a member of an international touring group. She also joined the John Players Theater Company, "Tops of the Town."

Susan moved to the United States in 1986. While living in Manhattan, Susan continued to dance taking lessons at the Martha Graham School. In 1995 Susan and her husband moved to Ridgewood to raise their growing family. In 2007, Susan was honored to receive the "Top 40 Under 40 " award from the Irish Echo. Ridgewood Irish Dance offers classes from toddler to adult, in instructional traditional Irish Dance, progressive Irish Dance, and Dance Drama. Ridgewood Irish Dance has performed internationally and shared the stage with Gaelic Storm, Cherish The Ladies, and Eileen Ivers. They have appeared on local and international networks. Ridgewood Irish Dance college students often receive grants and scholarships for their achievements.

In 2011 Susan's daughter, Ashling, showed her a project she had been working on for school and Camp Rince Nua was born. 

In 2018 and 2020 Susan was a featured choreographer in an international showcase at Carnegie Hall in 2019 at Lincoln Center. Susan was also a 2020 honoree of the Ridgewood Arts Foundation. Susan's family will forever be grateful for the community Susan built and left to them. Her legacy, love, and fun lives on through the dancers. 


Ashling Daly Stanek, Co-Founder  & Director

Ashling enjoyed a successful competitive career, winning Nationals, Mid Atlantic Championship, All Ireland Championships, and placing First at Worlds. Ashling continued her dance career through college, touring with the Tony Kenny: Christmas Time in Ireland and opening theJIGfactory New Hampshire, all while maintaining a full course load.

As a sophomore in high school Ashling worked created a business plan for a sleep away Irish Dance camp. After completing the project she showed it  to her mother, Susan, who of course said "Let's give it a shot". Camp Rince Nua has been dancing ever since. 

After graduating from Saint Anselm College in 2017 Ashling began her career working on MSNBC's Morning Joe before moving to Nasdaq. While her career kept her busy, she couldn't be kept from the studio, regularly dropping in to help and never missing a performance. Following Susan's passing in 2021, Ashling took over Ridgewood Irish Dance, aka her happy place. 

Ashling continues to manage "the best week of the year", Camp Rince Nua, At sixteen Ashling and Susan founded Camp Rince Nua, a sleep-away program for Irish Dancers of all levels, organizations, and interests.  




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